Sushant, Forever

A poetry tribute to late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. 🌼🌼   Hey Manav, have you  repaired broken  and hurt hearts? If yes, get Ishaan, the undisputed cricket  champion, teach Ali how to bat. After seeing him teach Ali, take a flight  to Jaipur, meet Raghu, roam around  Jaipur and greet Gayatri.   Don't forget to… Continue reading Sushant, Forever


Untitled Microtale

They say, learn the value of time. But I think there isn't any requirement for it. We are like a bird on this Earth, always roaming & changing our destination. Humans live in a mirage, they think the worldly pleasures are omnipresent, although, they are not. Why so? Because they think they hold their custody… Continue reading Untitled Microtale


Equal Love

I was sitting in the cafe, engrossed in my laptop, making designs for my client's office. Being an interior designer isn't anyone's cup of tea. Requiring tons of creativity and a lot of know-how of drawing, interior designing is, definitely, one of the toughest subjects in the world to practice. The cafe in which I… Continue reading Equal Love



I wait for the night, when you will hold me, engulfing me in your arms, synchronizing our love with the silent and calm night.   My body aches with your breath making me numb, the crickets rejoice as they see us igniting a hidden fire.   The heavens smile at us, showering upon us tiny… Continue reading Wait



Prosperous fields and vivid skies enamoured me as my people were ecstatic in our lives free of any jitters. Me and my sister had been relishing our school as mom gave us scrumptious food for dividing it with our associates. One day the clouds were drab in hue me and her began to sprint towards… Continue reading Bomb